Triumph Football Team
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Who We Are

The triumph soccer team started in the year 2008 by some brothers in Triumph Church, so as to engage young people positively and to evangelize through sports.

The team is currently sponsored by the fathers’ fellowship. The team has grown in leaps and bounds from not participating in any league to fairing very well in several tournaments some of these include: The Donbosco tournament in 2009, where they emerged as the cup winners and also in the same year participated in the C.D.F tournament where they were the runners up.

In 2010, the team participated in the Aphia II tournament where in the 67 teams that participated, the team emerged among the eight best. In the same year the team won the Triumph cup, in the triumph tournament.

In 2011, the team was ranked among the best 16 out of 55 teams in the Aphia plus tournament.

In the year 2012 the team emerged position 5 in the county league.

In December 2014 the team reached the semi finals in the provincial mini-league

Currently the team is part of the provincial league ranked at position eleven with several matches to go. In April of 2015 the junior wing of the football team was also instituted to promote sports in the younger generation and later the team also acquired a van to help in income generation for the team activities.

We thank God for the far He has brought the team and we welcome more sponsors to come in and support the team as it has great potential in evangelizing through sport of soccer. They are making an impact especially to the youth.